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UX/UI Designer


Twitter is probably the application I am most addicted to and so as an avid user, and designer, I'm constantly thinking of what features I would like as well as and paying attention to what a lot of the people I'm following wish they had on the app. As a challenge to myself I decided to bring one of these desired features to "life" by adding to Twitter's Direct Messages (DM) capabilities.

As someone who is part of DM groups on the app we often send each other countless links and images daily and the chat moves so fast it’s tedious scrolling back trying to find previous content sent.

Using Adobe XD, I created a prototype that will give Twitter users the ability to view assets sent between themselves and other users including within group chats.


Media content can be easily accessed in DM chats through the "assets" section. Within this section the content is separated by type (links or media files - videos and images) so that it will be easier for a user to locate a specific thing quicker.

Twitter1 – 12.png

Twitter users can also bookmark messages and media content and access them within the DM assets feature. I added a Bookmark feature as this is something many users already love using on their main Twitter timelines and it will help them save and find content better.

Twitter1 – 7.png


I decided to post my design on twitter and on my instagram page to see what people thought and here are some of the responses I received. I also had the opportunity to have my portfolio, and this design reviewed by Melissa Hribar, who looks after Twitter’s Direct Messages. She said although a similar idea was previously shelved, my design has made her want to have a conversation with her team about making it happen.
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