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In April 2020, Precious Mayowa Agbabiaka released her debut children's book titled "There's Rice At Home." She wanted authentic stories that children of African and Afro-Caribbean heritage in the diaspora could relate to & read in their mother tongues so she wrote this well loved children's story under her indie publishing company, Aseda Press. This book has been well received with thousands of copies sold across Europe, the United States of America and Australia. The original copy was published in her native tongue, Yoruba, which has been translated into 9 other languages and counting: Igbo, Twi, Sierra Leonean Krio, Jamaican Patois, Swahili, Dominican Kwéyòl, English, Shona and Urhobo.

Press Features:

The Independent

"There's Rice at Home" is available to purchase on the following websites:

Book Depository

Ruby's Reads


Barnes and Nobles



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