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As this was part of the #100DaysOfDesign hashtag on twitter, I wouldn’t particularly call this a case study as I didn’t go through my full UX process. However, this is a chance for you to see my “I’ve been inspired so let me just create a mock-up” process.


Amazon Prime has a large catalogue of films and TV shows that many customers love, but what often puts them off wanting to watch any of the content is its UX/UI design.


My role in this was Lead UX/UI Designer and the changes I made were inspired and driven by empathy with the Amazon users (myself being one of them) who had complaints about the user experience.

Usually I would have done a survey, 1-to-1 interviews and created a user persona. But as I said, this was simply a #100DaysofDesign challenge so I simply based my changes on my casual interactions with people in this age bracket who responded to the comment as seen in the in the image labelled “The Problem.” At least 22 people interacted and agreed with the that tweet in some way. Being a user of both platforms in that age bracket and also knowing what many users who fall into this category like about Netflix, I incorporated some of those likeable features we all mentioned on Twitter, into my redesign:


Although 41% of 18–29 years in Northern America are subscribed or have access to Amazon Prime Video, the most popular video streaming service “based on share of audience demand for digital originals worldwide in the 1st and 3rd quarters of 2019” is Netflix.

— Statista




I added the option for both night and day mode to suit the user’s preference but this mockup continues in night mode.


I wanted to stick to Amazon’s main colours of course and incorporate the light blue in minor ways. I added the hearts onto the movie posters so that users could easily save items for later.


I also used the same light blue to indicate how far along a user is in any given film or TV show so that they can clearly see this without having to scroll too far down and continue where they left off.


One of the difficult things about using Prime Video is that it’s hard to find the content you would like to watch later so at the bottom of the screen is a heart icon which represents all the items saved for later and the placement makes it easily accessible on every screen.

Web 1920 – 1.png

Once I had finished my design, I posted it on twitter.

Usually I would have sought detailed feedback from a tester group, make the necessary changes based on what they said before publicly launching a product but as I said, this was just a fun challenge.

~ Precious

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